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Top 5 Things to Ditch at your Wedding

You might not love this article but here are 5 things I think just make sense to ditch at your wedding.

1. First Look

This may be controversial to some of you, but as a photographer who captures emotions, I am not a fan for 2 main reasons. 1) It ruins the moment coming down the aisle, he's already seen you the chances of tears and a big dramatic moment greatly diminishes by doing a first look. All of the pent up anxiety is gone and therefor your just sorta walking down the aisle a little light on emotions. 2) It creates an extra time crunch in your day. Scheduling your wedding day is difficult and keeping parties on track is a whole other level of concerns but when you need two parties to be ready at the same moment....I haven't seen it successfully happen yet.

Don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing first look moments but the reaction in this photo didn't match her walking down the aisle.

A great alternative to a first look is do a first look with Dad or your siblings, it also makes for an amazing capture moment.

2. Heels

Sure, they're cute.

But are you comfortable?

It's your wedding day, do you want to be thinking in the back of your head dang my feet really hurt...Girl if you are set on the heels go for it but be sure you have a back up and be sure to plan ahead: Flip flops, crocks, chucks or even tennis shoes. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, is it grass, concrete, dirt, rocks? When you are choosing your shoes be sure to keep that in mind.

This was a first for me in 2021 I had a bride stop the ceremony to ditch the shoes because she was uncomfortable. Props to her it made for an amazing photo moment.

3. Menus

To me this is silly especially when dinner is buffet or family style, save a tree, save some paper and save some money! You are literally going to throw them away afterwards, and for the most part if you have a true menu when you sent out the invitations it said Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian (now if your attending 5+ weddings a year, you will forget what box you checked). Don't get me wrong, they are cute and pretty and may provide some aesthetic value but you can print one if you really want it for the photo, you do not need 200+ Menus.


It's a lovely thought to have something to take with you from the wedding, I've seen everything from coasters, bookmarks, a late night snack box, shot glasses, letters and I am sure there are more that I am forgetting. If it's an item you are going to end up with ALOT of them. I know a friend of mine with home with way more custom coasters than she will ever be able to use on ever surface of her home at the same time. So, in my personal opinion save the money, put it towards something else. The best take home that I have seen from weddings is to include a Photo Booth, send them home with a photo. Maybe its just the photographer in me but I've never thrown out a photo.



I'm telling you, the couples that I see having unplugged ceremonies have more fun than those that are buried in their phones. Your guests and yourself so worried about getting the shot, and being the first to social media with it you forget that this day is about the couple! Maybe they want to be the first to share the joy of their union. In the politest way I can possibly say it, the day is about them! Let them share it with everyone.

This list is just MY opinion if you're doing these things thats awesome, good for you :) I'll still be there to support you throughout the day! Can't wait to chat with you about your wedding day!

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