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Coronavirus Canceled My Wedding \ A COVID-19 Love Story

Unfortunately for Chris and Deanna their wedding day has turned for the worst COVID-19 has forced them to reschedule. April 4th is right around the corner and what we thought would be an amazing incredible day is now surrounded by some sadness.

Thankfully their venue & all of their vendors has been kind through the whole process and we have rescheduled for this summer.

However, these guys are making Margaritas out of corona with the help of one of our favorite local venues for allowing us to use your location (Hidden Barn Venue), I bring you their second session the CoronaVirus.

This session just screams dad jokes to me here are a few of my favorites:

Cleaning up a Shitty Situation

Some Charmin for her Prince Charmin

Charmin Love Story

Do you have a good pun for me? Drop me a line.

Have you seen their engagement session? Check it out, click here!

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