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Carina & Dante | Disney Dream Wedding

It was a beautiful day for this couples happily ever after. Carina and Dante traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida from Australia to tie the knot. We accomplished 4 locations in just 4 hours! Most people say mission impossible, I say challenge accepted.

The couple opted for a first look at Walt Disney World Resort, Port Orleans Riverside and it went beautifully. If you haven't been resort hopping in Walt Disney World, I highly suggest it, this particular resort has a picture perfect moment around every corner. Their intimate wedding day moments were priceless.

The couple even created their own Disney moments, check out the bottom of her shoe! This is definitely one of my favorite intimate moments from their special day.

Did you really have a Disney Destination wedding without making a hidden mickey?

So this is the last shot I will share with you from Port Orleans - Riverside, every princess needs her moment, so while we created some Disney magic can you see Cinderella being chased down the stairs with Prince Charming and her sparkly slipper! It was too fun not to do and her bridal party was such a great sport about creating the moments and the memories.


Celebration Gardens - Winter Park, FL

The couple chose a wonderful wedding location in Winter Park, Florida at Celebration Gardens. If you are looking for an intimate ceremony this is the place, they had an intimate candle lit ceremony. This was by far one of the most challenging wedding photography situations that I have ever been in. This wedding took place at 6 pm, right after the time changed, it was DARK, not an ounce of light coming from the sky. These are times I am very grateful for off camera flash and the system that I use it hit them with just enough light to create a dreamy moment with beautiful pops of color.

This is up there with one of my favorite photos ever, anyone else a sucker for a beautiful string of market lights? Well here I am dreaming that everyone has market lights. Right after their ceremony the couple had a quick first dance. Carina's aunt in the corner made sure to capture every moment on video. while where they were just married is lit in the background. Last little detail, take a look at the little disney carriage set off to the side, thats a speaker playing their first song, HOW CUTE! This moment is just pure joy and love, you can see it in both of their faces.


The Grand Floridian a Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL

We made it back from the wedding just in time to have a few moments to take some photos in The Grand Floridian. Did you notice a change, SURPRISE there is a second gown! I have never seen so much sparkle in my life, this custom gown was incredible and what better way to show it off than in the Grand Floridian.

I love this photo for a bridal portrait, there is something so regal about a grand staircase, This is definitely one of my favorite bridal portraits (let's face it they're all my favorite).


Happily Ever After

The last part of my session with Carina and Danté was the Happily Ever After Fireworks at Magic Kingdom, if you have ever photographed people and fireworks, we know it is difficult, so lets throw in a moving boat, that sounds fun right? It was wonderful, and all of the family that was at the wedding came along for a little ride.

And they lived, happily ever after...


Wedding Vendors

Photography: Paige Nicole Studios

Videography: Team Kelly

Disney First Look Location: Port Orleans Riverside

Wedding Venue: Celebration Gardens

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