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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog , I am very excited to share photography and life adventures with all of you!

So heres a little introduction, my name is Paige Nicole. I grew up in the small village of Dexter, Michigan (it's now a city, but thats besides the point), from a very young age I loved the idea of cameras and photos, I would take as many as you would possible let me.

I attended school at Albion College, and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. While attending Albion my passion for photography grew as I obtained my first DSLR a Canon 10D. I competed on the Albion College Dressage team, I would photograph many of our events.


When I graduated from college, and didn't have a great job right away, I started to work weddings and quickly found that I LOVE THEM! I shot my very first wedding on my birthday that year it was a small quite ceremony with two women who loved each other dearly.

My First Wedding!
Velyma & Kerry 7/17/15

After this wedding, I began to shoot a lot more. I was able to begin to master the craft by working with my Dad, Chris Gustafson of Chris Gus Photography. I was able to learn the do's and dont's with hundreds of weddings!


While I have a love for weddings, I also love to photography portraits. And self taught by photographing my friends in my spare time turned into engagements, senior portraits and maternity photos down the line. I love to document whatever I can and learn something new while I'm at it.


I have always had a connection to the horse world, and always will. One thing I love about photography horses is that you can see the bond between horse and rider/owner in ever image. This all started with my best friend Tara wanting photos with her dear Anny, I never expected it to turn into so much more.

Tara Mason and her pride and joy Anny enjoying the grass and peace of a summer day
Tara Mason & Anny

more equestrian works :)

I'm so glad that you took the time to ready my story view my passion, there will be more articles coming soon, stay tuned to read more about whats next with Paige Nicole Photography!

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