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The Best of 2019

Its the end of a decade, and the first decade of my photography career, but back to the purpose of this blog to celebrate by best creations of 2019. These photos come in no particular order of my favorites but I hope you enjoy them all too!

Lots of wins this year!

I assisted in the close of 150 real estate transactions. Wow thats a big number, and definitely one if you had asked me 4 years ago, I did not think I would achieve. Next goal is 250. I got my real estate license thanks to Ken Pozek. Any professor, teacher, etc. that I have ever taken an exam for knows my severe anxiety and stress to do well on an exam. I passed on the first try thanks to a ton of help from my coworkers to help me study and quiz me even whenI felt I was failing.

Jacob and I actually took a week in Michigan this year he got to meet my family and the rest of his. We also traveled some in Florida to the Keys, the beach a few times, and of course to Disney.

For photography: I got to photograph more than I ever imagined. Some incredible opportunities as well, stay tuned for an announcement Feb 1.

10 Weddings in 2019 for my first full year in Florida of shooting, I'm pretty stoked. ( I already have 5 on for Next Year) 60 Sessions total.

I cant wait to see what the next decade and 2020 bring for us, Im excited to crush some goals.

Check out my favorite images fro the year below.











I cant wait for the next decade, lots of adventures and lots of weddings coming soon. Thanks for checking it out.

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