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Cocoa Beach Pier | Cocoa Beach Photographer

There are some mornings that you just cant resist, I have watched the sun set in the pacific and I am sure I have watched it rise over the Atlantic but I was most likely young...I wanted to go out and watch the sunrise, I have been wanting to for weeks so on Sunday morning after photographing a wedding on Saturday night. I woke up at 4:10 AM (Jacob was not thrilled that my alarm was going off), grabbed my bag and drove out to the beach to catch the sunrise.

We (I picked up my dad along the way) arrived at 6:53 AM and we were just starting to see peaks of color over the horizon. I have never seen a more painted sky in my life! Interesting enough, I didn't think that many people would come to watch the sunrise, I was wrong, there was at least 10 photographers and plenty of locals that came out to watch the day start. It got really interesting when the surfers came out (if you are one of them and want the photo without the watermark please reach out to me via email, I would love to get these to you) there were four of them and it was amazing to watch that morning. As believe it or not, I have never seen anyone surf.

So here was my morning adventure, a few variations and watching the sun come up. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my toes in the sand.

If you loved these photos, be sure to give the post a like and a share! If you know the surfers that were out on 10/21/2018 and you would like the photos please send me an email at

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