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Homosassa Springs

This weekend I took a break from photographing people and took a trip to see the manatees and other animals at Homasassa Springs State Park, for $13 they have some beautiful animals on a mile loop for you to take a look at!

Since I moved to Florida I have been wanting to go visit the manatees, I know they're nothing too exciting but I think they are so cool. When I was in 3rd grade in the Dexter School District, Wylie Elementary School my teacher Mrs. Ferri had a school project for us to Save the Manatees (Do you want to save the Manatees? Check out this link). Anyways I love the little sea cows so here are some images from our travels, If you're looking for some Florida nature on the west coast, I'd say this place is worth the stop.

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Sep 28, 2021

Hi great reaading your post

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