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Me You & The Dogs | Leesburg, Florida

As many of you know and may have previously I have two amazing dogs with my other half Jacob. Juliette (the black Labrador) was his dog when we met, she really thinks she's a cat most days, if you have had the pleasure of meeting her you understand. Opal (Staffordshire Terrier) we got from the Lake County Animal Shelter on January 7, 2018. The two of them have an absolute ball together and love each other very much. So by much request, I said that I would take portraits of my dogs and the oddest thing happened.

The dog that I quite frankly think is dumb on her smartest day (I love her very much so don't take this the wrong way), was posing for the camera and it was absolutely hysterical! She would roll her eyes like a model saying don't look me in the eyes you can't handle me. I honestly couldn't believe it.

I also want to point out that her tongue is hilarious as well, she has polka dots on her tongue. When I was a little kid, I had a dog named Chili that also had the same kind of markings so for me its very cool to not only have an extra large version on him but one that acts like him too.

Opal on the other hand did was not having it with the photos, she is the most social cuddly dog that I have ever met and always so expressive, she usually walks around the house with a giant smile on her face. And the first one that I got off of her looks so sad!

She really did not like that I had a camera in my hand in front of her. Now, she is a rescue and we don't really know her past other than she had a microchip and is a great dog. So to make her more comfortable, Jacob went and sat with her, I was able to capture this cute moment between them.

After some cuddles, she was a little more game to play and was able to capture ONE expressive picture of her.

I really love my doggos, they have so much personality. My advice for anyone who is thinking of photographing dogs, be patient! This whole shoot took about 45 minutes I wanted them to be happy, and for me Opals face says it all that she's ready for whatever is next. I can't wait to share more of my dogs with you over time. If you love these make sure you give them a like or a share.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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