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Merry Christmas!

To all of my Family, friends, clients and everyone else in between! Merry Christmas, this year is the first christmas in our new house. In honor of that I decided that our dogs would be taking christmas photos and they are beyond adorable!

Opal and Jules were such great sports about it. To be honest photographing opal is very difficult she shuts down when you take out a camera. So hers take more coaxing than with jules.

Jules on the other hand is kind of a dork (ok, not kind of but I was being nice). She A) doesn't like it when her sister gets her picture taken, and B) LOVES TO MODEL. I don't know why but she loved to have her picture taken, so here is Jules christmas portrait!

I had the lights on her and thought to myself well that isn't enough, so I grabbed this little chalkboard sleigh that I bought at target on the 5 dollar rack (who doesn't love target). So at this point you'd think that I'd be all set right? Well your wrong, Jacob was sitting on the couch, and says "she needs a hat". Sure enough I had just been to Big Lots and bought a santa hat a few days before. So there we have it, she laid there for about 5 minutes and loved every second of it.

It took a little help from Jacob to capture the photo of them both but here we have it!

From my family to yours, happy holidays & Merry Christmas!


Paige, Jacob, Juliette (lab) & Opal (pittie)

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