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Kyle & Meagan // Not Your Typical Trip to the Beach

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

It was a quite morning on Cocoa Beach, there were runners about and a few pups too. Made for the perfect morning for an engagement shoot with Kyle and Meagan.

We took a stroll on the beach, with a kiss or two (or more, let's be real here)

Photographed on Cocoa Beach for Kyle and Meagan's Engagement shoot

To me there are nothing like the pictures from the movies, can you see the movie I am trying to recreate here?

Theres always something so sweet about having fun with a shoot, whether it seem silly and awkward at the time, they truly produce the most stunning images.

To bring their shoot to a close, her last request was that they have a picture of the two of them, watching the waves roll in from the Atlantic.

Cheers to Kyle & Meagan!

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