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Lake Eustis Clean-Up | Eustis, Florida

Every month Christine Cruz organizes a lake clean up right here in downtown Eustis, Florida. The amount of garbage that is collected is astounding from tires, needles, fiberglass, bags and so much more it begs the question, WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG! You couldn't walk the extra 10 feet to the trash can, you just had to throw it in the water? We need to do better as a human race and clean up, we only have one world and if we ruin it, there is nothing left for us to live in the filth that we have created.

Check out the clean up story below, and let's just pick it up and put things in the right place.

I have never seen an officer do such an amazing job he is truly cleaning up the community one piece of trash at a time.
Cleaning Up the Community

How many of you have heard of Magnet fishing? There are so many things that get left on the bottoms of our lakes that are harmful to the wildlife, including hooks that we have lost. Bonnie Whicher of Bonnie Whicher Photography was pulling some cool things out of the lake, and some seaweed too.

This bucket full was collected in only 15 Minutes!

We were lucky enough to have some great kayakers out in the water today, but I have to say this is probably not how to property get in the water in your kayak. Make sure you check out the slideshow below.

Just like the bucket and Nike say, JUST DO IT!
Let's Do This

We find some dangerous things in this world, there is nothing scarier than finding needles, you never know when someone could step on one and end up seriously hurt. Please remember to dispose of all needles and syringes responsibly.

We even found a ring box, so of course there had to be a proposal! (She said yes, of course!)

Teaching them young to respect Mother Nature

These dudes were awesome! Quan from Duct Man was out here and fearless! They went the extra mile to not wait until they're closer to shore next time.

Now this might just be my favorite photo of the entire day, the guys from came in to help us grab this tire out of the water! Also pictured is one of the owners from YoHoHo's!

In addition to pulling out a tire, we also were able to dispose of this HUGE piece of fiberglass that was found floating out on the lily pads.

A huge shout out to Captain Austin of for getting his boat in this tight area! We could not have gotten those large items out without you!

A very special thank you to YoHoHo's for providing everyone who came to help with the clean up a token for Nitrogen Ice Cream! I know I can't wait to try it!

Another thank you to a local Eustis business, thanks for the water and sweet tea provided by The Crazy Gator to everyone who helped out!

Thank you to everyone who attended and Christine Cruz for organizing us all for an amazing cause! See you all next time on Labor Day, which is also the 2 year anniversary of the clean up!

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