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Adopt A Friend | Orange County Animal Services

Hey Friends! Paige Nicole Studios was at Orange County Animal Shelter again today to give dogs a better chance at being adopted by providing them with a smiling new photo with Pawsitive Shelter Photography.

A434851 - 11 Months - Male - Available

This cute 11 month old male can be found here!

German Shepherd Mix -7 Month Old - Female - A435467 -


Brindle Labrador - 7 Month Old - Female - A435463

She is a bonded pair, with the german shepherd, they are so precious.

Lulu - 1 Year & 5 Month Old - Female - A435440

Lulu is such a sweetie, looking for a loving home she is available to go home!

Memphis - Approx 2 Year Old - Male -

Check out more information on Memphis here!


For more information click here

Cuddlebutt - 1 Year & 1 Month - Female - A435577

To find more about Cuddlebutt click here

Nugget - 3 Year Old - Male - A435574

To find out more about Nugget click here -

Yappy - 3 Year Old - Male - A435576

Yappy - 3 Year Old - Male - A435576

Find out more about Yappy here!

If you didn't see a dog that you love don't worry there are more here in the shelter that could use your help.

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