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Planning a Wedding? 10 Tricks & Tips // Orlando Wedding Photographer | Paige Nicole Photography

Hey! If you're reading this you must be planning your wedding! Congrats! I would love to be considered as your photographer for your wedding & engagement session. Below you are going to find the things that I hear most about weddings and the tips and tricks after working with many of them over time. I hope this helps you plan your day. Cheers!

1) Nail down your date as early as possible! Setting a date can be scary whether you are having a short engagement or a long one, pick something that works for both of you and book your venue right away. Book your venue and then your vendors (if you need help with your vendors, let me know I would love to help).

2) Hire a photographer that you click with! They are a huge part of your day and will be following you around its important that you like their style and get along with them, its a very personal day for them to be a part of with you. Personally, for me its why I make sure I talk to the bride & groom for every wedding beforehand, and if I am traveling Facetime or Skype work great to get in touch so everyone is on the same page as what to expect. Want to hire me for your wedding day? Contact me click the link!

3) Set your wedding day timeline at LEAST 60 days beforehand! this will allow you to enjoy your day so much more than letting others take over the day of.

4) Have 3 dress fittings, I know I know, you've heard this one before right? Well, it's a true thing! If your dress fits properly, you will be so much more comfortable on your wedding day.

5) Make sure someone at your bridal shop can teach you AND someone in your bridal party how your dress ties if it's a corset bodice and or how to bustle your dress. After many weddings, I know how to lace most dresses and how to bustle most of them as well, but if you have a designated person that this is their job on your day it will make everything go that much more smoothly.

6) Be on time, remember #2? This is where that timeline is really important. If your dinner is at 6, just because you're the bride does not mean show up at 6:30, your guest are hangry and they want to celebrate with you, make sure you are with them!

7) Have a seating arrangement for your reception, I know it may sound like more work for you up front but it does reduce people making larger tables than what they are supposed to seat. By you setting the arrangements it truly creates the best environment for your family and friends.

8) Delegate! if you have friends and family that are offering to help with anything in regards to your wedding, LET THEM! They want to be a part of your love story and help ease that stress, I know that everyone has a particular vision, share it. Giving other people in your family tasks will greatly reduce your stress.

9) When doing your bridal makeup try to keep it on the more natural side, dramatic is great, but there is nothing worse than having dark eyes and makeup running due to emotions, I always have tissues, but keep this in mind as your make up artist only comes once during your wedding, if you are having an all-day affair make sure it will last!

10) HAVE FUN! Yes, planning is stressful but the day itself is so rewarding to enjoy it, all of the planning has come together for one big party to celebrate your love for the newest chapter in your life.

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