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#savethebees | Michigan Bee Farm | Bee Hippie

Did you know that honey bees are in danger?

This has been an incredible trip up to Michigan with Jacob. We're lucky enough that his best friend Shawn is a beekeeper and was willing to open up a few of his hives for us to take a look. He keeps over a million bees on his property in Ionia County, Michigan and his helping farmers with our natural pollinators.

I have to say his bees are incredibly docile this little guy came right up to him and started licking him, they're truly incredible creatures.

You can make a difference with the Honey Bees, DON"T KILL THEM, let them be and they will leave you alone, they are not out to get you, they are busy working to keep our gardens beautiful.

If you are curious about Shawn & Bee Hippie, you can find more information here: and make sure you follow along on facebook at

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