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The Best of Savannah | Bachelorette Weekend

I've become very close with one of my brides for 2019, maybe its our Michigan connection, but she invited me to her bachelorette weekend in Savannah, Georgia and I just couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

We had an amazing 3 days, and so much fun it was hard to contain it all.

For any of you who are thing about going to Savannah, here were some of my top things that we did!


Treehouse: Great place for dancing

The Grove: This place had an amazing vibe and was super cute!

Savannah Smiles: This is a super cute dueling piano bar!

Stafford's Public House: Probably my favorite and the best bar for the money in Savannah I think, and the best tequila. Weird thing happened at this Bar, I ordered a drink, turned to my right and a handful of people I went to Dexter High School with were standing to my left. SMALL WORLD, you never know who you're going to run into when you travel!

PS Tavern: If you like pickle shots, you need to go here! Just do it, you wont be disappointed.


The Ordinary Pub: You have to go here! Make sure you order the Donuts and Pork Belly, it was amazing I want to eat it everyday. The loaded tots were also a favorite amongst the group.

The Fitzroy: This is where you go to brunch, whether you like brunch or not go brunch and brunch hard! I had their smashed avocados, it was the freshest and just utterly amazing, Im dreaming of more everyday! Also, be sure to check out the bathroom on the second floor, I thing its amazing looking it's nicer than most houses.

Everything Else

Savannah Slow Rides: Have you seen those pedal bike tours, well let me tell you this was an amazing bar experience. We were all pedal bitches for a few hours, Shelia was our tour guide and she was incredible, if you go see if you can ask for her! Perks of this ride, you got discounted drinks and the band was good for any day and everyday. Here is their website:

Nuts about Savannah: Now this one may sound weird, but the man that they have outside giving out samples could seriously sell nuts. Go have a sample I guarantee you'll buy his nuts they are perfection! We visited their location on Drayton. Here is their website:

A.T. Hun Art Gallery: There is a beautiful art gallery in City Market, neat thing about how it is arranged every color on the wall is a different artist, so as you move throughout all their works are collected together. There are some amazing dog paintings in there, I definitely wanted to splurge on.

City Market: This strip really has a little of everything from fine art and jewelry to dining and beverage places, we had some great live music and people watching. There is a place that sells Boozy Slushies in here, I cannot for the life of me think of the name but they were absolutely amazing!

I hope this helps plan your next trip! What are your favorites in Savannah for the next time I go?

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